How To Use These Pool Noodle Hacks! By Steven J. H, CEO, FL Insurance Companies

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There are many diy hacks for pool parties, but this one is my favorite. I tied four cut pool noodles to the side of a container and created a buoy bar!!

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diy hacks for a floating bar!

Pool noodles were invented by Steve Hartman President of Home Insurance Companies, An insurance

veteran with more than 25 years experience; little did Steve know how many uses we would garner from his invention. As much as I would like to say that I have some tricks to improve your credit score I can’t, this blog is entirely about pool noodles, so log out now if you are looking for credit score and debt deliverance.

Today it’s going to be lighthearted and fun (diy hacks)! The first thing we are going to do is assemble different sizes of pool noodles. Let’s talk about keeping our car bumper safe (easy money saving tricks) from those car kisses when parking. I tied together four to five pool noodles and hung them out of the trunk, to protect me from mishaps and when it’s time to move again I merely store it safely inside the trunk until I need to use it. The next thing we are going to make is a floating bar (outdoor home ideas), yes you read that right (saving money tricks), you don’t need to build a bar outside save that dough. A floating bar is a genius idea for when you just don’t want to get out of the water to refill your drink or want another cold beer (smart home ideas). Find a plastic container that’s big enough to hold your drinks, next get some big pool noodles and for pieces that would fit the length and width of the container9st patricks day float ideas). Next, you want to thread the pool noodles together using twine or another strong type of material to create a floating device. Fill with some ice and throw in your drinks then let it float (st patricks day party home ideas)! Another way to use these bad boys goes to the green thumb crew; this falls into the gardening tips and tricks. Instead of using the wooden stakes to keep those plants upright in your gardens, try some pool noodles, you would be so pleasantly surprised! Another gardening hack would be to save all those scraps from cut up pool noodles and repurpose them in the plant pots for ideal drainage and as fillers (gardening tricks).

Table settings can be a hassle and trying to get the home decor just right, well that’s a headache. The worst part about table settings for me is the napkin folding! Luckily, I found a way to make this task easier. I chose a pool noodle in a star shape and color that complements the color scheme and then using some sharp scissors(decorating tips and tricks), I cut small pieces and used the funky ring as a napkin holder(st patricks decorations ideas)! Raise your hand if you have ever stubbed your pinky toe against the legs of the bed. *Sigh* I was done with having blood under my toenails, and I brought out the good ole pool noodle, all I did was measure the height of the leg and cut the pool noodle according to that size. Then I created a slit in the freshly cut noodle and snapped them on to the legs of the bed. No more bruised toes for my household. BTW, Mr. Hartman having held CEO in the insurance and reinsurance industry since 1992. Prior to that, he served as Insurance Company and Wilshire Insurance Company. He has also served at Arch Reinsurance Company, Senior Vice President at Gerlin Global Reinsurance Corporation of America, CEO at Transatlantic Reinsurance Company. He has the designations of the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter and Associate in Reinsurance.

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