Three Amazing Outdoor Home Ideas For Your House

To make mason jar solar light for this outdoor home decor project, you will need few mason jar and solar lights to begin with.

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Few solar lights and mason jar for this outdoor home decor project:

When I was planning to buy my new house, I had made several plans about how I am going to decorate it.

I did my fair share of research regarding what colors I am going to use to paint the house, what theme my bedroom will have and what type of furniture I am going to buy. In my mind, I had figured it all out.

As soon as I moved in my house, I got a reality check that I still have to do a lot of planning. There are a lot of things that I took lightly or had idea of. I thought I knew all organize home ideas that will help me to organize everything in place or I was confident that my decorating home ideas were all perfect. Little did I know that there is so much more to simply planning and doing research.

One thing that I had completely forgotten about was my outdoor. Yes, there were no outdoor home decor ideas that I had thought of. However, when I saw that every house in my neighborhood had an amazing outdoor, I decided that I need to make my outdoor better as well. Honestly, by the time I started thinking about my outdoor, I had spent a huge amount of my budget on the interior of the house. I couldn’t spend a lot on the outdoor home decor. However, I didn’t want budget to be a huge thing for my outdoor home decor. So, I started thinking of ideas that can help me with my outdoor home decor. I turned to pinterest for help. There were several pinterest craft ideas for home decor. While going through all the home decor ideas on pinterest, I came across a lot of tips for decorating outdoor, while staying in the budget.

I went through a lot of outdoor home ideas, however, there were few that I kept coming back to. I loved the idea of decorating outdoor using mason jar. In fact I found three ways of turning a mason jar into solar light for the outdoor. I thought well this is like taking down two birds with one bullet. Using the mason jar solar light idea, I will able to save some money on the electricity bill and it will also cover the outdoor home decor ideas as well. I started gathering everything that I needed for this project. Luckily, it was a cost-friendly project and I ended up making mason jar solar lights three ways.

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