DIY Furniture Makeover Project

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Before going to the step by step tutorial, here is how my dresser furniture looked like originally.

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This is what my dresser furniture looked like:

One thing that has always been constant in my life is change. I know there are a lot of people who are not open to the idea of change but not me.
I loved going to new places, trying new things and changing my apartment every year. The idea of living in a new place every year used to get me so excited all the time. When I started my family, changing my house every year was practically not possible. Instead of getting disheartened, I decided why not change the interior or furniture of my house every now and then Now I know you might be thinking that how one can change the interior of the house every now and then? Well, by using some easy smart home ideas. Yes, I followed several home ideas on Pinterest in order to satisfy my inner change craving goddess. Initially, I started out by buying a new thing for my house and that was my idea of working on creative home ideas.

However, when I searched for several home ideas on Pinterest, I realized that there is so much that I can do on my own. I have done a lot of DIY home décor projects. However, I love doing the DIY wood furniture projects the most. Yes. Taking inspiration from the home ideas on Pinterest, I have worked on several DIY wood furniture projects. Hearing the word wood or furniture might sound to be too intimidating to you but trust me the DIY wood furniture projects out there on Pinterest are extremely easy to follow.

I started some easy DIY furniture ideas and worked on them. Once I had a good grip on these DIY wood furniture projects, I started to do something big. I gave a glance to my old furniture and made my mind to do something with it. I had this old furniture dresser that I was not a fan of anymore. I decided to take that old bedroom dresser furniture and turn it into the best dresser furniture for my house. I started with looking at the condition of the furniture dresser to check if it can be used or not. I was pleased that it was in good condition even though it was sitting in my garage for a while. Once I was satisfied with the condition of the dresser furniture, I started gathering everything that I needed for this project.

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