Beautiful Home Designs Featuring Pine Cones To Enhance The Holiday Season!

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I love modge podge, and for this project, it fits in perfectly with what I need regarding the decorating of these dried pine cones. For those that don’t really know what modge podge is, it’s basically PVA glue with water in it. I need it because it will adhere to the rough skin of the pine cones.

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addition to home ideas. | The faithful modge podge that will be used for this pine cone project.

Nothing says holiday cheer like implementing some rustic home decorating ideas that involve the pine cones!

This year I did some research utilizing home ideas on Pinterest that featured blogs and pictures on barn home ideas and rustic cabin home decor. See I wanted to bring a country-ish, rustic-ish feel to my family home this holiday season; and I found the perfect craft to give me everything I want! So without wasting too much time and drowning you with my enthusiasm for this diy, let us get it poppin’!

What you will need:
Dried pine cones
Paint – (choose your colors based on your home design)
Small bowl
Modge Podge (this is PVA glue and water mixture that’s available at home depot and all craft stores)
Small paint brush
Six wine corks (halved to make eight minimum)
Glue gun and glue sticks
Burlap material
Little boxes of different heights
Fake snow
Shiny metallic paper for decorating
Lace for decorating

What to do:
Designate a workspace to begin and start by pouring a bit of the Modge Podge into the small bowl.
Mix in about 3-4 drops of paint (I used green).
Use your paintbrush to mix the Modge Podge and the paint gently.
Grab your pine cone by the base and begin to apply the color right around the pine cone, don’t worry if you don’t cover the entire cone, the brown parts lend a nice contrast to the paint. Continue until all pine cones are painted and left to dry.
Plug in the glue gun and flip the pine cone over and apply a dab of glue to the base and stick one of the halved wine corks to it. Repeat until all pine cones have been given a trunk to keep them upright.
Create some decorations for the top of the pine cone trees using the metallic paper and the lace (I made a bow with the lace and cut out stars from the metallic paper and stuck it to the top of the trees).
Stack your boxes in the area you want to create your display and cover it with the burlap material.
Place the miniature pine cone Christmas trees on top of the covered boxes.
Sprinkle with fake snow and remember to place fake snow all around the display.

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