You Won’t Believe How Design Bloggers Turned Basic IKEA Furniture Into Showpiece

So my first IKEA project ever (crafty home ideas) will begin with this dresser. This ugly and unassuming furniture piece will be transformed into something better looking!

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Crafty home ideas are in store for this IKEA dresser.

House and home ideas are aplenty online, but when I have these pieces of furniture that are so

uninspiring to look at, they are functional but golly they stand out like a sore thumb. I have taken on the responsibility of redesigning these said pieces to look like they belonged and was a conscious decision was made to make them a part of my home decor. If you have any IKEA dressers that looked like mine, don’t worry about calling an IKEA home designer, you want to know why? You can revamp these babies yourself in very little time by following my instructions and making your own creative decisions along the way.

These awesome home ideas will only take some stain, some paint, a stencil or two (or three), some colored contact paper of your choice. Basically, those are your primary supplies, trust me this will be a cake walk with no home design books required. Clear the room and let me take you through the steps that turned my white IKEA dresser into a white and gold fabulous upgrade (unique home designs)!

I decided to check out some craft stores for the contact paper, but I didn’t really see anything that worked for the look I was going for, so I ended up going to Amazon, and that’s where I had a range of choices and price options. In the end, I went with two kinds a matte and a shiny gold type of contact paper (cute home design). First I pulled out all the drawers and put them safely in the corner and out of the way. Next, I measured the length of the wooden rails and cut the strip I felt I needed and removed the paper and stuck the paper to the face of the track. So let me just back up and give you a few pointers, when you are cutting the strips, it’s always a good idea to cut a greater length than a shorter one. Have your scissors close by because you don’t want the paper just sticking to itself and then you have to reapply a new strip because it’s no longer smooth and crumpled wasn’t the effect (or that could be what you want). Alright back to work, do not worry that you have to cut exactly to the face of the wooden rail (kudos to you if you can do that), I only folded the excess to the back of the track, and it was well hidden and undetectable. Finally, put back in the drawers and step back and admire how quick and easy this was to get done!

You can check out the tutorial if you want to see how I got it done in greater detail and even look at my other videos that show you how you can accomplish some fine DIYs in the least amount of time (creative home designs)! I only ask that you like, share and subscribe to my videos because you won’t be disappointed!

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