Eye Color vs Personality According To Scientists

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Green colored eyes and personality traits. Green iris colors, light green eyes, dark green eyes. What your eye color tells.

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There are many ways that people say you can find out a person’s personality. The most common way is by a horoscope. Another way though is your eyes yes, I said your eyes and that is according to scientists.

You would think that since it includes scientists, it is probably more technical than most of us would be able to understand. Medical jargon that most of us cannot pronounce. When it boils down to something simpler. Our eye color! Orebro University in Sweden did a study with 428 people.

They wanted to see if their personalities were linked to the color of their irises. They did so by comparing people with the same colored irises, by doing so they found out an amazing fact. The genes that form the frontal lobes of our brains are also shared between our personality and our eyes as well.

So those who share similar iris colors share the same personality traits. University of Edinburgh’s Dr. Anthony Fallone also had done some of his own studies on the connection between personality and eyes. He stated in short that the eyes and brain are linked so close neurologically that eyes are just an extension of our brain we can see.

One fact that some of us have noticed ourselves not being scientists. Is those with hazel eyes have seen how it seems that their eyes can change color depending on clothing choice. Also, darker eye colors also have more melanin within their body. They are also prone to drinking less than their lighter eye colored counterparts.

Blue eyed people tend to have an inner and outer strength and tend to be misjudged by others. They are also seen as weak and timid which is quite the opposite. Grey eyes a color that is hard to come by is just considered a duller blue shade. These people tend to be people that can adjust to any situation easily.

So, they can adjust their personality to any situation. That is if you can keep your emotions in check. Brown eye people tend to be the most loyal as well as gentle people. It takes quite a bit most of the time to jar them into aggravation. However, don’t think that makes them submissive because it doesn’t. Last but not least, green-eyed people are seen as one of the sexiest people. They give off an alluring and mysterious appeal that is hard to resist.

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