Get Relief From Bad Coughs And Get Rid Of Mucus With This Home Remedy Use On Kids As Well

No one likes getting a cold, some are worse than others. A cough is still annoying and in some cases painful. Some treat with medicine from the doctor and others with over the counter medicine.

Many of those do work, but there is a lot of things in it that are just not good. You do have some alternatives that are worth trying. Many people are turning toward home remedies today than they have been in a long while.

The thing is many of them work! So, they are worth giving a try. Many are even great for even using on kids. This home remedy for coughs and removing mucus is one of those. Everyone knows how bad most cough syrups taste. Which is one of the biggest reasons children don’t like to take it.

This home remedy though tastes good so it will make getting them to take it much easier. The first ingredient in this home remedy is coconut oil.

Coconut oil is great for attacking the lipid coating on viruses. That is the layer on some viruses that protect them. Which gives your immune system a better chance of attacking that virus. The great partner and next ingredient to the coconut oil is honey! Honey has been used in cold remedies for years.

It has always been known as a great throat and cough soother. So, honey and coconut oil make a great combo. You are going to take these two and make a one-two punch concoction that you will apply topically. You will be making a Honey Coconut wrap. Which will be absorbed into your skin, helping to heal things from the outside in. There are a few more things you need besides coconut oil and honey. You will also need flour, napkin, and adhesive medical tape. You will need to mix 1 tsp of flour with a little bit of honey.

Once that is mixed then add a little-warmed coconut oil. Not hot! Otherwise, you can burn yourself. Next, you will take some of the mixture you have made and put it on the napkin. Then tape the napkin to the center of your chest with the mixture side against your chest. This great all natural wrap can be applied to an adult overnight, for a child it should be applied for only 2 to 3 hours.

Results are usually noticed after the first treatment. Remember it takes time, so give it the time it needs to work. Since this is safe you can do this wrap several times over a week time. Now I am not saying over the counter or prescription medications should never be used. However, if you can at least cut back on the demand of having to use them that is the best.

Cough Syrup Being Poured Onto Spoon

Cough Syrup Being Poured Onto Spoon

Cough syrup being poured onto a spoon. Either prescription or over the counter cough syrup.

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Bowl Of Coconut Oil and Coconut Meat with Wooden Spoon

Bowl Of Coconut Oil and Coconut Meat with Wooden Spoon

Boel of coconut oil and coconut meat on table with wooden spoon.

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