Gluten May Be The Root Of Your Problem

There are many things that people can become allergic or intolerant to. Most are pretty commonly heard ones like bees, latex, lactose, pets and more. There is one more and more are starting to talk about though and that is Gluten.

If someone has a gluten intolerance it can be downright painful. It can cause a wide array of issues that no one wants to deal with or experience. The reality though is there are more people out there that may have it and not even know. In some cases, they may be getting misdiagnosed.

Some people are diagnosed with having Celiac disease. If you want some definite signs of gluten intolerance those are vomiting, disabling pain and diarrhea.

There are other signs that are not as obvious but you should look for. Such as stomach aches, if after eating a meal you are having stomach pains. Take a minute to think, was it a high gluten meal? If it was high in gluten it’s a good sign. If after a meal, you are having dizzy spells, feeling disoriented, feeling off or like your brain is simply clouded.

Gluten may very well be the one causing the problems. You are what you eat and that is true. So, if you notice you have been having some mood changes, you may want to take a look at your gluten intake. If it is very high, it could be the one causing those unwanted swings.

Headaches that you cannot explain, especially if they seem to come on after a meal. You may want to look at possibly having a gluten allergy. If you are having a problem with itchy skin believe it or not it could be gluten related as well. Some cases untreated can lead to worse skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Pay attention to what your skin has to tell you. If you are suffering from Fibromyalgia, which is a chronic disease you may want to bring up gluten allergy. Sometimes it can be a secondary issue to it, in some cases when it is found it will help to relieve or get rid of the symptoms you are suffering. Do you seem more tired than you know you should be? If you find yourself sleeping more or wanting to sleep more than you know you should or need to. Gluten could be part of the reason because your body is busy trying to fight it that it prevents a good night’s rest.

If you are already lactose intolerant, you may find that you have a gluten issue as well. There is a sugar found in lactose foods that will trigger issues within your intestines and they will worsen gluten intolerance problems. If you only have one of the above issues it doesn’t always mean you have a gluten allergy.

However, if it seems like more and more of these pertain to you, you may want to consider it. One thing you could try on your own is to eat gluten free for a short period and see if that makes a difference.

Headaches That Are Caused By Gluten Allergy

Headaches That Are Caused By Gluten Allergy

Headaches caused by gluten allergy, painful and persistent and occurs after eating a meal.

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Chronic Fatigue Caused By Gluten Allergy

Chronic Fatigue Caused By Gluten Allergy

Chronic fatigue brought on by a gluten allergy. Wanting to sleep, not getting enough sleep.

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